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At Cutter’s Lounge, our mission is to redefine the experience of fine grooming. Catering to all walks of life: man, woman, and child, we create a newness from the process to the final result.

In our world, things are simple. You come in, sit in the chair, enjoy a great conversation and leave with a smile on your face and one great haircut.


Signature Haircut
  • Haircut, shampoo and hot towel refresher, beard or goatee-edged neck shave
Women's Signature Haircut

Platinum Package Haircut
  • Haircut, shampoo, blow dry styled and hot towel refresher. Goatee and beard edging with razor or close shave. Also includes free neck trim/shape up on next visit.
Hair Color
  • Complete gray hair coverage and haircut {2}
Face Shave
  • Apply pre shave oil, hot later, hot towel treatment, straight razor shave
Head Shave
  • Apply pre shave oil, hot lather and hot towel treatment straight razor shave
Kid's Haircut
  • Kids haircut and hot towel refresher
  • This is a between haircut service that will keep your hairline clean and sharp. Shape hair line and all new growth around taper areas of the neck and temples to keep you looking your best
Signature (combo) Hot Lather Shave and Signature Haircut
  • This service requires a One hour booking time.The perfect choice for the refined gentlemen
Beard / Goatee Sculpting

Clipper Hair Designs
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